Modern Vampires - Ruth Shave and Nathan Cable

Inspired by a small town in the West Country, Nathan Cable and Ruth Shave tell bittersweet stories contemplating the quieter moments of people’s lives. Cormac McCarthy, Josh T. Pearson and Bruce Springsteen stand out as clear influences at the heart of this bleak documentation of fateful moments of weariness and disillusionment; violence, resilience, and hope. Cable’s modest storytelling and stark acoustic arrangements are anchored by Shave’s mellow and broad synthesizers, forming the sound of Modern Vampires. The duo has self-produced a collection of songs that resonate with an aching restlessness, and which The Wire hailed: ‘A keening edge...rural in the best of all possible ways.’ In November 2018, Modern Vampires sold out their first London headline show at the Wanstead Tap.

~ Lisa Henderson